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Cooking demos

Gaz Oakley (English spoken)

Gaz Oakley is a 26 year old chef, author & youtube originally from Cardiff, Wales UK. After learning to cook a very young age with his dad, Doug. Cooking as well as sports became his early passions.From the small amounts he’d seen on social media, Gaz started feeling guilty every time he was eating meat or dairy, he recalls one day simply having enough & deciding to sit down & watch the Gary Yourofsky speech. From that day on he knew he would be vegan for the rest of my life. Wondering what to eat, Gaz instantly went into his kitchen and started experimenting. In February 2016, after many months of cooking for friends, recipe testing & experimenting. Gaz plucked up the courage to start his Instagram page @avantgardevegan with the hope of spreading his activism through food to a wider audience.Before he knew it, Gaz had people following his Instagram from all around the world & his pictures were getting lots of likes & recipes we often being recreated. Gaz has now completed over 8 seasons of recipe videos, has over 550,000 subscribers based all around the world & his youtube videos have a combined total of nearly 16 million views. His first cook book Vegan 100 is sold worldwide & translated into 5 different languages. Gaz Oakley will present an inspiring cooking demo at Vegan Summer Fest 2019!

About Gaz Oakley: Avant Garde Vegan  – Facebook  – YouTube  – Instagram

Pieter-Jan Lint (Dutch)

Cooking is how I express myself. Starting from a personal philosophy, I develop dishes that will hopefully change the way my guests look at food. To achieve this, I develop dinners, workshops and cooking demonstrations. Craftsmanship, passion and creativity are the centre of my work.

After building up years of experience in the Belgian gastronomy and taking many international and national classes, 4 years ago I decided to only work with organic and plantbased products. Together with my girlfriend Carmen I let people experience just how tasty and innovative a cuisine without any harm caused to animals and with a minimal ecological impact can be. For me, a plantbased cuisine will be the future. This is my contribution to creating more social consiousness and a sustainable society.

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La Véganista (French)

Stéphanie BARTCZAK is a culinary consultant specialised in plantbased cuisine. Her book “Vegan pas à pas” (vegan step by step) was published in September 2018. She collaborates with several ethical brands to create contant and develop recipes (videos, recipe sheets).

She also helps restaurants in developing a vegan alternative. In collaboration with the European Formation Centre (Centre Européen de Formation) she developed specialized modules in vegan cuisine that complement the current curriculum. On this day it is the only education in France in this specific domain that can lead to a diploma. Thanks to this module, future chefs will be able to respond to the demand of their customers.

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Evelien Mertens (Dutch)

Since I developed a passion for sports and nutrition at a young age, opting for a bachelor in education (physical education and Dutch) was a logical choice for me. After getting my degree however, I was eager to learn more and decided to start a study in Movement Sciences. In 2011, I graduated as a master in Physical Education and Movement Sciences, with a specialization in fitness and health. Guiding people towards a healthier lifestyle would become my goal. Things still went differently, given the chance in 2012 to go for a doctorate. Eager to expand my scientific knowledge, I got a degree as Doctor in Movement and Sports Science and Doctor in Biomedical Sciences in 2016. As my doctorate was centered around the fitness and food quality of Flemish adults, my interest in nutrition has grown over these years. In 2016, I decided to start a bachelor in Nutrition. In 2018 I got a degree as a dietitian. I currently work as a researcher in nutrition for the Erasmushogeschool in Brussels, as a scientific team member for the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels, as a self-employed dietitian and I am a trainer at CrossFit Aalst. Since 2015, I am vegan. Combining sports with a vegan lifestyle is always on my mind.

The Sustainable Family (Dutch)

A plantbased diet for the whole family

Contributing as much as possible to a sustainable society, has become the life goal of Sustainable Family. Ellen, Nikolas and their two sons don’t stop at their own family. With their sustainable lifestyle they want to inspire many others. Plantbased nutrition is an important part of that lifestyle. Ellen got a certificate as International Vegan Chef at the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Palma and is currently taking an education in Plant Based Nutrition at the Cornell University. With this knowledge they organize cooking classes. In their talk at Vegan Summer Fest they will give practical tips on how to transition to a plantbased lifestyle. Because they are convinced that it is possible for every member of the family.

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In their webshop they sell products for a sustainable lifestyle.


With the APPEAL-project we want to transform fruit waste into biodegradable materials for several purposes such as single-use-plastics, agricultural film, decorations and textile. As 90% of the fruit production in Flanders consists of apples and pears, we focus on these two fruits. Every year, Belgium produces 90.000 tons of fruit waste from these apples and pears, which could result in 15 millions m² of plantbased leather per year. We aim to transform fruit waste that is not yet used into ecologically and economically relevant biomaterials.

Short films

73 Cows

Screening + live interview

73 Cows is a touching short documentary about Jay and Katja Wilde. Jay Wilde grew up in a farmer’s family and took over the farm of this father. Over time it gets harder to see the cows leaving to the slaughterhouse. One day Jay Wilde decides to take all 73 remaining cows to a sanctuary and change his farm to vegan farming. This award winning documentary shows the journey of his search.

Vegan Summer Fest will screen the documentary followed by a live interview with Jay Wilde.

Tegan the vegan

Tegan the vegan is a short animated film about a 12-year old student who decides to become vegan after she discovers where meat comes from. Elenore the carnivore however is giving her a hard time for it. The story is based on the experiences of the director who decided to become a vegetarian after she visited a slaughterhouse.