Extra info

This is the second year BE Vegan charges an entrance fee for Vegan Summer Fest. Without the entrance fee we could not have moved our beloved festival to one of the largest facilities in the country: Flanders Expo. The profits of Vegan Summer Fest go to the daily proceedings of our organisations and, hence, our vegan outreach campaigns. Our festival is solely driven by volunteers. By buying a ticket you’re helping BE Vegan to represent vegans in Belgium and spread the word on the best lifestyle choice for animals, the environment and health. That’s a promise.

Should you feel unsafe at the festival for whatever reason, a safe point is installed at the info point.
No questions asked.

These general terms apply to all visitors of Vegan Summer Fest

1. Theft or loss of a ticket belongs to the responsibility of the buyer and does not warrant a refund.
2. Buy tickets only on the organiser’s website.
3. Legal action will be taken in case of ticket counterfeit.
4. Tickets may not be used for commercial or promotional benefit without the organiser’s consent.
5. Entering the festival grounds implies consent with all preventive and security measures the organisation or security deems necessary, including bag checks.
6. Following items are not allowed: sharp objects, weapons, drinks, drugs.
7. There will be audio and video recordings on the festival grounds. There’s a chance you might get filmed.
8. The organisation and its crew can not be held responsible for damage, loss or theft of whichever object or be held responsible for any accident that may occur.
9. Climbing the infrastructure or entering zones not accessible to visitors is prohibited.
10. It is strictly forbidden to sell items, distribute promotional material or play music without the signed consent of the organiser.
11. Dogs or other non-human animals are not allowed in Flanders Expo (indoor and outdoor).

This list can be altered and supplemented. Non compliance with these general terms could lead to your removal from the festival and grounds of Flanders Expo. In case of theft the authorities will be alerted.